Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you not running?

We are back this summer 2019

What are the times?

09.00-16.00 5-11 year olds

09.00-12.00 3-4 year olds

09.00-12.00 and 13.00-16.00 5-11 year olds

Extended hours 08.30-09.00 and 16.00-18.00


What do i need to provide?


sun cream

water bottle to have at the table on the day

healthy snack and lunch

plastic bags for art masterpieces


What is the ratio?


1:10 5-11 year olds

1:5 3-4 year olds




Are there spaces available?


There are spaces available.



Can my children or their friends stay together if they are in a different age group?


Yes if any friends or siblings wish to stay together through out the day they will be asked at the start of the day and we make sure they stay in the same group.


What are the themes and dates?

Please email for themes and dates



What if my child doesn’t like the art theme?


That is absolutely fine, all of the activities are easily adaptable so if a child would like to base the activity on their favourite theme i.e. frozen or dinosaurs then that is absolutely fine.


I can’t find the registration form online?

The registration form is also now done via email. Please email


I have booked before do I need to fill in a Registration form? 

No just send an email with the dates and your child’s name to to book.


I have fill in a Registration form is booking complete?

No. The registration form is separate to book please email


I have booked the wrong date of wish to change the date?

Please email which date you would like to change and if there is space we will change the date.


I have booked and paid and now no longer need the space can I get a refund?

Unfortunately no refunds are given.


Where is it held?


I have booked and forgotten my safe word?

We will remind you your safe word on the morning of the day that you have booked and will send the safe word in an email?




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