Club-Tastic Online Art Club

Due to the coronavirus we are social distancing, so our Easter club is sadly cancelled. So we are running our brilliant art classes via Patreon 5 days a week and a weekly facebook live session every Wednesday at 10.30!

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This week’s theme is Oceans (27/04/20)

Our Materials list:

• Poster paint
• Paint brush
• Water pot
• Pencil
• Clay
• Oil pastels
• Pva glue
• Glue spreader
• Acrylic paint
• Paper
• Canvas
• Tissue paper
• Foil

Club-Tastic is a fun filled art and sport holiday club for 3-11 year olds!

Combining the wonderful creative world of art and exciting physical world of sport!

Our Holiday Club:

Children can chose a full day of sport or full day of art or half and half of both, it is up to them!

“Artistic art is smart like a little heart sometimes you play but you have to obey it’s a very fun day hip hip horray” poem by Sanae Chaudhri and Flora MacFarlane aged 7

5-11 year old Art and Sport Days:

Club-Tastic Art days are jam packed full of different art activities and fun games, with the option to do an afternoon of sport!

Our Art days run from 09:00 – 16:00 for 3-11 year olds.

We charge £42.00 per child per day (25% sibling discount for the second sibling and 50% for the third child)

Pack lunches and a healthy snack need to be provided. (Strict no NUTS policy) 

Our themed Art and Sport days provide a fun, creative and active environment! 

Our days are full of different art activities, based on different artists, each activity uses a different medium, to stretch their art skills and expand their knowledge.

Our sport days are full of a range of different sport activities and mix of sport games, fun warm up games and exciting obstacle courses.

The day runs with 30 minute art or sport activities and 15 minute games in between, with an hour for lunch.

At the end of the day your child will come home with a bag full of different masterpieces to fill your walls and medals for the sport option!

 3-4 year olds Mornings 

Our mornings run from 09.00-12.00 for 3-4 year olds.

We charge £25 per child per session.

They are full of creative and inspiring activities, each morning is themed, and children can chose which activity they wish to do, they can do a mix of art and sport or a full morning of art or a full morning of sport.

The morning will run with 20 minute activities and 10 minute games in between.

Reassurance & trust

Our Team are fully-trained, DBS checked, first aiders and insured, most are fully qualified teachers or have at least two years experience in child care. 

About the day

Our ratio is 1:10 for 5-11 year olds and for the 3-4 year olds 1:7.

We use products that are safe, suitable and non-toxic. We strive to use products from sustainable or recycled sources. Our eco-friendly paints are washable and come out of most fabrics.

The day starts from 09.00 at 09.00-09.30 we get all the children inside and sat down to play the plasticine game where children will get a piece of plasticine and can create anything they wish. Once everyone has arrived we will go round and try to guess what the children have made. Once everyone has had a turn the teachers will go through the rules of the day, introduce all staff and then split the children into different age groups we make sure any siblings or friends of different ages that wish to stay together do so!

At the end of each day the children get a certificate to take home with all their masterpieces! It can be quite a handful so please put a spare bag in your child’s/children’s pack lunches.

Sport Option

Sporting Options 

Basketball/ tennis/ football/cricket/ rounders/ netball/ pop lacrosse/ tag rugby/racket skills/ dodge ball/ athletics/ dance/ field games/ general ball skills /evasion games/ parachute games/group games /multi sports games/

Our Philosophy

Club-Tastic run fun multi sports and sports games aim to encourage children to take part in exciting games based on fair play and sportsmanship.

Our Aim’s:

  • Sport is fundamental in a child’s learning and health:
  • It enhances learning achievement/ resilience/ psychosocial and motor development.
  • Helps physical development
  • Cognitive ad academic development 
  • Social development 
  • Character development